Prepping for the big thing



I went to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin today for a pre-admission tour. I met with a child care specialist who let me be doctor to Optimus Prime, my current favorite toy. I get to play with real doctor stuff today, and even made Optimus wear the hospital pajamas.

Tomorrow, Dr. Robey, my ENT specialist for the past couple of months will have me as his surgical patient. Optimus Prime will be with me. So will mummy and daddy. Mummy says it’s a really big deal for a 3 year old to undergo 3 major surgeries back to back. But everyone in the family can’t wait to meet the new me. So please make dua that things will be alright. :-)


I found a hidden gem at the Asian store today. This is one of my dadah, my ubat pandai, my tranquilizer. Before I moved to Milwaukee in Dec 2012, the local Asian store we go to in Champaign stopped carrying these. And when we moved here, I couldn’t find it either. So i was really surprised with this find. The only place I know to be carrying these on a continuous basis is in Chicago. So greed got me and I emptied the shelf today :lol:

My daily Milo moment will be more heavenly from now on :)

Biskut lemak Hup Seng, 69 cents per pack.


discovery of the day


A friend posted the Jung/Briggs Myers’s test on her IG today, which reminded me of something I enjoyed doing occasionally over the past ten years or so to check on myself. It’s a 4-letter type scaled-based test which translates into a possible combination of 16 different personality types. We sometimes use this before working on a group project so that we’re mindful of each group member’s personal disposition (tekun buat kerja ke, verangan je lebeh and cakap je banyak tapi isi takdak ke..cepat makan dalam ke (me la tu).. kejam tak bertempat nak semua siap on time ke..(me jugak)..  suka present present depan orang tapi kerja sebenar buat sikit je ke. Ok that’s not me.. :lol: ) etc.

The test is free, if you would like to know more about yourself. Do be surprised to see how accurate it is! Well, provided that you answered all the questions honestly that is. :cool: I am not that good with psychometrics, but I do know this is one of the most stable tests out there, hence reliable enough. Here:


I have an ordinary personality: an ISFJ. The typical teacher-mummy kind of person. And it’s been like that since the first time I took it. (Good? Bad?). Other than an empirical study noting that ISFJs typically score highest in college GPAs regardless of major (which I wish it’s true all the time but it’s not :lol: ), there’s nothing quite outstanding, from my POV. But anyway, after 10 years of being together with Nashriq, I finally made him answer this test today and so grateful to have been destined to marry an ISTJ :-) . It seems that we are two very similar individuals in so many ways that make things work well and yet different enough to complete each other and make things so exciting. Cewah. Well, the results weren’t that surprising, I could guess he is an ISTJ right away anyway, but having him go through the scale and receiving a confirmatory result is still thrilling. :-)


Now what’s your 4-letter combination? Does it suit aptly with your current job? Are we that different as a person? Perhaps that’s why you like (hate?) me so much? We prefer people we think are similar to ourselves than those who aren’t. And there’s also a science behind that,  too. :lol:


Good day!


Weekend DIY

I’ve always wanted a tent that I could snuggle nicely with the kids. After months of contemplating, finally decided to make it happen over the weekend. Just uploading some random shots I took for memory. For a complete how-to, you can simply Google up and you’ll know how quick and easy it is to make one (provided you have one other person to help out. Well, you have to have at least one other person to help out during the tying up process).

The only money you should spend on: the poles. It costed me just 5 bucks. I bought it online and within the hour, the store sent me a text message to notify it was available for pick up. Used leftover twines from my gardening stuff to tie up the poles together (which was first drilled with small holes).
I don’t have the slightest knowledge on sewing so I settled for hot glue instead – which I don’t really remember owning one at the first place. That’s to “stitch” my Queen and Twin flat bed sheets together as the tee-pee’s canvas.
Used left over ribbons to tie up the front openings to the side. And glued one of Ayra’s infinite number of hair clips .. just for the heck of it.
Their new piece of heaven. Mummy’s too. I think I’ve taken a nap/fallen asleep in there twice. Yeah, it’s that large enough! :D — Later added another two of Ayra’s hair clips .. again, just for the heck of it.

Looking forward to other easy peasy upcycling projects in the near future. I am quite a bit of a Pinterest addict over the past couple of years (hence my significant withdrawal from FB and the rest, even in here — because it’s my own little place of liking what I only like and following what I really want to follow, and virtually hoarding things I find cool) but I think it’s time to stop pinning everything and start doing! Till the next project, which I don’t know when and what just yet. AM

Of kebun and poisson



Today’s friday which means no-library day. When you have your small kebun literally just next to you, it really is so difficult to focus on this darn hierarchical poisson modelling thingy (why oh why did I decide for non-normal measures last time!! :evil: )

Happy weekending everyone. I’m telling myself that if I can’t get through this, then there’ll be no ice cream outing tomorrow. Even though tomorrow’s flavor of the day is tiramisu! Oh the sheer thought of it makes my tummy churn.


You are the ave…

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.


Hmm. Now let me see. A 29-year old. A 3 year old. And a one year old. So what does that make me? A primary school kid? :lol:

Well yeah, choose wisely. People can inspire you – or drain you. When necessary, delete the negative ones from your life. Because some people are like black clouds. When they disappear, it’s a brighter day.


best wishes

My one and only sibling, is currently en route to the UK to embark on her doctoral journey. I am emotional because I am, more than anything else, proud of her for making it this far, and particularly, because I know the hardships she will go through in the next three years. When you have gone through unspeakable challenges yourself, you don’t want anyone to go through the same, especially your baby sister.

But anyways, PhD is never for the faint-hearted. Not for the bright ones minus the EQ to persevere either. It is for those with lots of EQ to spare, for the brave and strong, only to grow braver and stronger. I am yet still being tested.

Well Angah, we’ve rocked the boat of mediocrity all these years and made it through, it doesn’t kill to stretch to the very final end of scholarship. My sincerest prayers for you and your beautiful family. When the goings get hard, you know you have a wonderful family – mom, dad, me and Abglong – to support your every move – just as much as you’ve supported my every move throughout the past 4.5 years I’ve been in grad school.

Bestnya Angah “balik kampung” Yorkshire.. :)




I love you forever always, baby dugong. Let’s make dua for each other.


Votre monkey sista aka big “small” sis.

Our latest kitchen addiction: ayam kicap cili api

#nowhappening #onthestove recreating mak's current signature dish

I think it was my SIL Mien who shared a photo of what my MIL was cooking at the time into our family WA group, to lure the two big boys – Adeq and Adi -  to come home and have lunch together. It looked so mouth-drooling couldn’t let it pass without asking for the recipe.

And it really tastes so good that it became our latest kitchen craze too. So here’s the recipe for those of you who fancy super simple recipes, copy pasted directly from my MIL:

Aym sekor potong kecil2 gaul garam, goreng dulu.. 15 cili padi hijau, 2 labu bwg besar, halia satu inci (blend kesemuanya & tumis). Tambah minyak bijan. Bila garing masukkan kicap masin & kicap manis. Masukkan aym yg dh digoreng, kacau2. Sblum angkat, tambah cuka 2 sudu, garam & perasa. Boleh juga ditambah kcg panjang/kcg buncis. Itu sahaja, selamat mencuba! :-)

I have to admit that it’s the sesame oil that adds to the kick of the cili api. So try not to skip it! This surely will work great as a sahur menu too :)

First visit to the dentist


Ayman had his first dental visit today. Dr Fink says his teeth are all clean and shiny, no caries, no cavities, so no need for anything :)

Dad’s the happiest man I guess, sebab gigih gosokkan gigi anak anak at least twice a day, and siap floss lagi. Susah rasanya nak dapat macam dad Ayman. Ibu pun tak serajin ni.. :p

Good job Ayman. And thanks dad. After the short visit mummy thought she could go back to the library but someone insisted to play at the children’s museum. So to the children’s museum it is! :lol:







Guess mummy has to burn the midnight oil tonight, didn’t reach my minimum hours working on my writing today, demi anak. Demi. :lol:


Sangat lama tak buat my fave "salad" ni.. When I was pregnant with Ayra I remembered having this every single meal every single day for a stretch of weeks!

"Sometimes," said Pooh, "the smallest things take up the most room in your heart".

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"Sometimes," said Pooh, "the smallest things take up the most room in your heart".

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